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Take proactive action today by hiring Metro Building Services to take care of your commercial cleaning services. We offer a wide variety of services that address all of your facility needs. Our competitive pricing will save you money and our customized practices will enhance your workplace.
What We Provide
Janitorial Services

Metro Building Services is not a one-size-fits-all commercial janitorial services company when it comes to serving our clients.

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Carpet Cleaning

We give personal time and attention to each client for our employees to learn your specific needs.

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Pressure Washing

A regular washing can actually help maintain the integrity of your structures. This type of service is all about your exterior.

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Trash Chute Cleaning

A clean trash chute will keep your building safe and more appealing to anyone who enters it.

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Metro Building Services today will cut your cleaning costs and improve the condition of your workplace at the same time by custom fitting our services to your workspace.


As a far-reaching janitorial service company, Metro Building Services has to be prepared for anything. There is no side of the industry more diverse than commercial work spaces.

  • No client is the same
    It is one of our basic beliefs that no client is the same, they all have different needs and should be treated with care and attention.
  • Advanced level of care
    Commercial cleaning is one of the reasons we are adopting the new Cleantelligent software. Any commercial business that receives this service will be able to send us work orders from a mobile phone.
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As a commercial cleaning service, we know how much a professional approach matters. This is one of the reasons we cater our services to each client. We are not just an average cleaning company. We will get to know you and your business.


This is how we learn how best to serve your needs. Our customized service plans will address the specific demands of your business. A bank’s janitorial service will face issues that some other offices do not.

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These facilities are often full of people of all ages all day long. This creates a need for constant attention to the cleanliness of your structures and environment. Metro Building Services is more than just a normal custodial service.


We are a commercial cleaning service and that means we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our personnel will come to your facility and discuss the specific challenges you face in providing a clean environment for students. Normally, our owner is the first person to meet a new client.

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Manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities are the lifeblood of the United States. When these industrial services are running smoothly, everything else runs better.

  • Make your job safer
    Manufacturing and warehouse services always place a focus on safety and competence. There are a laundry list of regulations that industrial agencies have to meet on a daily basis – we follow them all.
  • Increase efficiency
    Metro Building Services offers supply management. This allows us to manage the cleaning products and janitorial supplies for your facility. That’s one less thing you need to worry about!
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Government agencies are under a certain amount of weight because they are funded by the public. Everyone wants to know where that money is going. They want to trust that it is being well managed.


With Metro Building Services, you will receive fair and competitive pricing plans. We have a doctrine of catering our services to whatever business we are working with.

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Our mission is for our employees to consistently deliver the quality cleaning experience you expect at a value you deserve.

Metro Building Services provides personalized and professional janitorial service in the Denver Front Range Area.

We operate a commercial cleaning service that is unique to your needs and strategically based on process. It begins with selective hiring and carries through to a meticulously clean workplace assured to meet your expectations.

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