One of our primary goals as a commercial janitorial service is to support your success without disrupting your business. Metro Building Services believes that commercial cleaning services can do more than just deliver a clean work environment. We can boost workplace productivity, prevent widespread illnesses, and improve the longevity of your facility.

Seasonal Shutdown Cleaning

Metro Building Services provides Day Porters to maintain your facility throughout the day. We offer night crews to come in after you and your employees have left for the night. We focus on delivering cleaning services that cause as little disruption as possible. We only want to make your workplace performance easier to conduct.

The Best Learning Environment Is A Clean One

There are certain industries and facilities that offer a different type of cleaning opportunity for a commercial service like ours. Educational facilities will often shut down for summer months or the winter break. These seasonal breaks present an opportunity for us to provide a deep cleaning that will make your learning environment more conducive to healthy living.

This service can be especially helpful to universities on break. Students can often prove to be unreliable when it comes to cleanliness. So when they leave for a seasonal break, you could be left with quite a mess on your hands. Metro Building Services has the experience and equipment to deliver the extensive cleaning that you need. Seasonal shutdown cleanings really are one of the best ways to clean your schools because we can bring in cleaning equipment that might otherwise disrupt your day-to-day activities.

This is an excellent time for us to perform scrubbing, wiping and dusting everything from top to bottom. The extra time we’d have in your facility would also enable us to do an in-depth carpet cleaning. The most thorough floor or carpet cleaning will often leave the area wet for an extended period of time, but during these seasonal shutdowns, there will be plenty of time for them to dry.

An Industrial Level Of Cleaning  

Metro Building Services is not just a school cleaning company. If there are seasonal shutdowns in your industrial facility, we can provide the same type of comprehensive cleaning. Depending on your needs, we have access to industrial floor cleaning machines and techniques like commercial floor scrubbers and floor sweepers.

This type of deep clean will do more than just improve the appearance of your facility. A cleaning service like ours will deliver a more productive and safer environment to work in. You might wonder how we can increase your productivity, but we have seen time and time again that workplaces function more efficiently with less clutter and a higher level of cleanliness.

Illness Prevention

No matter where you work, illness prevention should be a significant concern. It can hinder employee productivity or put children at risk if you work in a school or daycare. A comprehensive seasonal cleaning from Metro Building Services is a smart way of preparing for the flu season or the next semester. A shutdown period ensures that we have enough time to wipe down all surfaces and hit all the problem areas effectively.

Our well-practiced cleaning systems will also enable us to make sure that you receive a high quality of indoor air. Indoor air pollution is a real health risk that many people never consider. Our commercial level of cleaning will reduce the amount of dust, allergens, and particulate in your work environment. Everyone will be able to breathe easier and work more productively.

A Clean Workplace Is A Safer Workplace

When you hire Metro Building Services, you will return from your seasonal shutdown to a facility that is ready for you to hit the ground running. According to OSHA, “an occupational hazard is anything in the workplace that may cause harm.” There are many things that could fall into that category. Unsafe practices could result in an employee, student, or customer getting injured. A comprehensive seasonal cleaning will make your workplace safer for everyone by making sure it is orderly and decluttered.

A High-Quality Clean At Competitive Prices

We provide a commercial cleaning service that is unique to the needs of your building and your industry. Our experts will get to know your building down to the square feet and construct a cleaning strategy specifically for you. Our mission is to deliver a high-quality cleaning experience you expect at a value you deserve. Contact Metro Building Services today to find out how we care for your facility during a seasonal shutdown.