Green cleaning solutions are simply products and practices that have a less negative impact on the workplace and the surrounding natural area. These methods and products are optimized to use environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients. They are specifically designed to maintain people’s health and the quality of their environment.

Our Green Services.

Green cleaning products are a service that we offer to our clients that are more environmentally friendly. Green initiatives and cleaning methods are a significant concern in our shared Denver, Colorado community. We have access to an entirely separate line of products that are leed certified and in-keeping with green practices.

Leed certification is a set of regulations that govern the operation and ingredients that go into products and businesses. It is a system that is able to measure a building or product on its energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness. It is a practice that fits in well with green cleaning.

We can work with companies in our area that are seeking leed certification to help their facilities raise their standards. Metro Building Services is not a completely green company, but we always tailor our services to our clients. If it matters to you, then it does to us as well.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning.

  • Less Hazardous Chemicals: A typical part of many cleaning services is the use of harsh chemicals or volatile organic compounds. All of our personnel are well-trained in the use of the cleaning products that we use, but several of them are still harsh chemicals. We have the expertise to use them safely, but some people do not want them in their workplace. Using less of these chemicals also results in less of them running off into the environment.We can adapt our services and use cleaning products that have less harsh effects. For example, we provide several different types of carpet cleaner. Green carpet cleaning products can be difficult to come by and this one of the reasons we offer the use of steam cleaning or hot water extraction carpet scrubbing. These techniques also deliver a deeper cleaning than the standard dry vacuum cleaning.   


  • Efficiency: Efficient practices are about more than just saving energy. Reaching the standards that connect to leed certification will also allow your building to save money on its energy bills and overall use of city services like water, gas, and other resources.
  • A Healthier Workplace: There are many people that can have an adverse reaction to the use of certain chemicals. Green and natural products cause much fewer allergic or bad reactions overall. There are also some people who just can’t stand the smell of strong chemicals. Using green services will allow them to work without this disruption.

Even if you don’t necessarily want us to use green cleaning products in your facility, our knowledge of environmentally safe practices will help protect your business from possible fines or penalties from unsafe practices. Part of our core values at Metro Building Services is offering custom services to every client. If you live or work in the Front Range Area of Denver, you can put our expertise to work to structure efficient and sustainable cleaning practices in your facility.