CRM Database Management

This is no simple spreadsheet.
Our CRM database management tool is how we schedule appointments and manage our client’s needs. It is more than a basic spreadsheet; it allows us to sync our client details right alongside our cleaning plans.

We Take Our Client Relationships Seriously

CRM systems have become an essential tool in many different industries. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is cloud-based software used to combine client information with client services. It focuses on retention and sales growth. CRM for cleaning businesses is still a relatively new practice in our profession. Metro Building Services is always pushing to be on the front lines of the commercial janitorial industry.

When you first hire Metro Building Services, one of our staff members will meet with you personally. Most of the time, our owner is the first person you will meet. They will explore your facility and discuss with you what your cleaning needs are. We then construct our services around this visit. Every client receives custom services. The CRM database is where all of this information goes. CRM tools track your customer information and your services in the same place to integrate our relationship.


Client satisfaction is always number one,

This is how we study our own work.

This Is How We Maintain Our High Level Of Service

We make sure that any Metro Building Services staff that works at your site will know all your needs. The CRM software lets up prioritize our work with you. Your customer data is kept safe with us and is important to the work we do. Only our management and owners have access to this information. A lesser cleaning business might still just be using basic spreadsheets for things like this. We want any potential customers to know that we take our relationships seriously. This is why we took a step into the future with a CRM database.

The CRM is used to chart our internal evolution, but it also helps build trust with our clients. One of the many services we provide are regular inspections of the spaces we clean. These check-ups keep us honest. They are also the way we find paths to improve. Our notes become CRM data to chart our improvement. We can use this management software to see any repeating issues. Then we adapt our practices. This is how we keep track of our accounts throughout the whole client lifecycle. Put into practice, it means that your cleaning service will always advance in quality over time.

We Won’t Miss Your Appointment

Many of our clients require multiple routine regular services. It can be something like refrigerator cleanings, seasonal [pressure washings], or [floor maintenance]. Whatever it is, it can be tracked by the CRM and used to alert us when the required scheduled jobs are coming up. When paired with our Cleantelligent mobile app where clients can contact management with a moments notice, we are able to exceed clients expectations.

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