Cleantelligent is all about the client.
Cleantelligent software is the latest service that we have added at Metro Building Services. It allows us to resolve our client’s issues even faster and shrinks the distance between us and client interaction.

This Technology Brings Us Closer Together

Cleantelligent is the latest addition to the tool belt of Metro Building Services. We offer this service to all of our clients. It is an award-winning, cloud-based software that has been designed for commercial janitorial companies like ours. Clients are able to build work orders on their mobile phone and send them directly to us so that we can act quickly. You can even set a priority level and add due dates to your work orders. Almost all issues can be resolved in under 24 hours.


This service lets us close the distance between us and the client. We are able to instantly send out work orders to our personnel already on site. You will receive notices in real-time when tasks are done. It will increase transparency and build more trust. You can track our work in real-time. We can get rid of paper trails and schedule our tasks digitally. Being able to see our shared calendar on your mobile device will eliminate schedule conflicts. Our clients don’t need to worry when or if a project will be completed.

This New Software Simplifies Our Services

Cleantelligent software keeps our employees even more accountable. The ability to track time and scheduling methods erases forgotten work. Putting our services online makes organization easier for us. This means we can assign tasks more efficiently. Problems never fall through the cracks or under a stack of paperwork.


The new inspections system on Cleantelligent allows Metro Building Services to enhance our services. We are committed to always improving and learning new practices. This software lets us perform inspections digitally and get results quickly. Our personnel then will be able to adjust their own work. Resolving issues with clarity will be easier too. It enables us to include photos and real-time notes in our inspections.

We Place A Premium On Customer Service

This new software is all a part of our clean commitment to customer service. We are raising the bar. It provides a higher level of connection between our own personnel. Any issue can be sent to management in moments. Metro Building Services has always offered competitive pricing, but there is always room to improve. Cleantelligent pricing is smarter pricing. All of our work orders will be available in one place.


There is no longer a need to search for past work orders or receipts. This software prevents any miscommunications. Our clients are able to complete quick online surveys to let us know how we are doing and to gauge satisfaction. We want to be the only cleaning service you will need and Cleantelligent makes this easier than ever.

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