Your warehouse or storage facility is where all your services start from. It needs to be treated as more than a space where goods are stored and shipped to and from. It is a foundational part of your overall support system. There are also federal and industrial regulations that dictate the condition of your facility and how it must be maintained.

As a leader or facility manager, there are a lot of spinning plates that you have to keep in the air all at once. While you focus on keeping your employees safe and running your business, you can trust that Metro Building Services will be there to maintain your warehouse or facility. Our industrial cleaning services will be there to support the functions of your warehouse.

The Benefits of Regular Warehouse Cleaning.

  • Health and Safety of Your Employees: Keeping your facility clean will protect your workers from allergens and pathogens that could negatively affect their performance. Even a simple thing like too much dust can become a hazard to your daily operations.Maintaining the facility will also defend it from infestations like mice and other pests. These creatures can carry diseases that could harm your employees, and they might damage the integrity of your products or structure. By preventing illness, we reduce your sick days and increase your productivity.
  • Safeguarding Your Efficiency: A clean and well-maintained facility will function better. When your workspace is sanitary and organized, there are fewer accidents and less downtime. Working in a clean environment will encourage clean and efficient practices from your employees as well. A poorly maintained facility will foster poor performance.Metro Building Services offers many floor cleaning services to prevent slip and falls. Our custodial services include cleaning products that reduce any fumes or risk of contamination. We also perform pressure washing to maintain the exterior of structures or provide a deep cleaning to concrete surfaces.
  • A Positive Appearance: How you present yourself does have an impact on how other people see you and your business. Whether it is a prospective client or a new employee, the condition of your facility is the first impression that you will get to make on them.If you present a sanitary space that is well-managed, then that is the type of business partners and associates that you will encourage to work with you. Metro Building Services will help you create an appearance that puts your best foot forward and displays your business in the best possible light.


Metro Building Services is a commercial cleaning company that can provide all of these benefits to your warehouse. We recommend routinely scheduled cleanings to help your business maintain a superior condition and increase performance. We don’t see it as just a warehouse cleaning service, we know that we are supporting your operations and your future.