A building’s trash chute is something most people might not think about very often. It is a convenient way of getting rid of your garbage without having to go all the way outside or downstairs. Garbage chutes do come with some inherent hazards and challenges though. Metro Building Services is one of the few commercial janitorial companies that offer garbage chute cleaning as a routine service. We even had to create our own cleaning strategy from scratch.

If your building has a trash chute, that means it runs the length of your entire building. Any problem in a dirty trash chute has the chance to affect your whole structure. The condition of your chute can affect everything from your safety to the productivity of your employees.

Reasons to Have Your Trash Chute Cleaned.

  • Safety: One of the primary reasons to have your chute regularly cleaned is because of the dangers it can pose to your building and the people inside. It is nearly impossible to track everything that someone might toss down the chute and whether or not something gets stuck or not. Trapped bits of refuse can be made up of anything, even hazardous chemicals. This presents a fire hazard, and because it starts in the chute, a fire like this would be difficult to stop before it spreads throughout the building.
  • Air Quality: Those trapped bits of garbage can often create clogs of food or waste. This clog will sit and create hazards to your air quality in a confined space. This can result in a bad odor or harmful fumes that permeate your whole building. This also creates the opportunity for mold and germs to have a place to thrive inside your building. By the time you see the signs outside of your chute, the problem could have grown into a health disaster.
  • Pest Prevention: There are several types of pest that would see your trash chute as the perfect place to thrive. It is a dark and warm area that might offer trapped bits of garbage for food or nesting. This threat includes everything from insects to mice and other vermin. This pest can often damage the integrity of your structure. These creatures are something no one wants to see in their building, but they also often carry the risk of diseases with them.
  • Morale: A properly maintained trash chute can be a convenient advantage to a building. When not taken care of, it will become a place that everyone avoids and hates to use. Maintaining your garbage chute will make it easier to use and positively affect the overall morale of your entire building.
  • Longevity: Having your chute routinely cleaned will protect the life of your overall structure. Regular cleaning and maintenance will secure the investment you have made in your building. All the previously listed reasons will damage the value of your building and can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Metro Building Services is one of the few commercial janitorial companies in the surrounding of Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs area that knows how to clean and maintain your trash chutes. It is an essential practice that will protect your employees, tenants, and overall financial plans.