Right now, it might seem like there is no end in sight for the winter weather and colder conditions. The truth is that spring is just around the corner, and you can start planning for it now. In fact, this time of the year is the perfect time to plan ahead and get in front of the challenges that stand in your way. The snow, ice, and varying temperatures from freezing to warm can have a substantial impact on your commercial facility.

What You Can Do To Be Prepared

There are some necessary steps that you can take in the spring to assess problems caused by the winter season and to assist in getting your business ready for the hotter months ahead. It might feel like this winter is never-ending, but spring is coming, and you can start making your plans today. These are simple maintenance and cleaning tips you can perform in your office building.

  • Assess Any Freezing Damage
    • There are many ways that the winter temperatures can damage your building. Cracks in your asphalt or concrete, roof gutters, and drainage pipes can all be hurt by expanding ice. Examine your sidewalks and make sure your exterior is safe for your employees and guests.

      Pay attention to your roof, foundation, and vertical walls. Look for signs of leaks, moisture, mold, or mildew. With proactive maintenance, you can get ahead of these costly repairs.

  • Examine Your Landscaping
    • The exterior of your building and the surrounding areas are going to get hit the hardest by the winter weather. Check for damaged plant life from snowfall and snow plows piling up the debris. This is the first part of your building that people will see and it is vital to the overall health of your building.

      Get rid of piles of leaves of lawn debris to prevent clogged gutters and mold growth. It might not seem like a big deal, but piled up refuse like this can damage your awnings, coverings, and windows.

  • Give Your Interior A Deep Cleaning
    • All of the ice, snow, and salt will likely take a toll on your floors and surfaces. De-icing salt can cause permanent damage to all types of floor and even your carpeting. As the winter comes to a close, it is the perfect time to arrange for a deep cleaning or restoration of your floors. Metro Building Services has the tools and techniques to offer commercial carpet cleaning along with floor restoration and maintenance.
  • Stay Ahead Of Pests And Rodents
    • As your climate starts to get warmer, insects and rodents will start becoming a threat once again. Get ahead of these critters by having your perimeter sprayed and inspect your building for any holes or gaps where they could get in. You don’t want to start your spring by dealing with ants, roaches, or mice.
  • Make Sure Your Building Looks Its Best
    • There is a reason so many people jump on spring cleaning. It is a great time to make sure your building looks its best and get a brand new start. A clean facility will inspire your employees and clients alike. Cleaning windows and removing dust might sound simple, but our commercial cleaning services in Denver can do so much more.

The Commercial Cleaning Advantage

In this blog, we’ve talked about the things that you can do to prepare for spring cleaning, but the best thing for your building is to partner with a commercial cleaning company like Metro Building Services. Our office cleaning and janitorial services can not only keep your building clean, they can also protect the longevity of your building throughout any time of year. If you live or work in the Denver metro area, contact Metro Building Services today to learn more about all of the ways we can help keep your facility clean and productive year round.