The word ‘pandemic’ might seem a little incendiary, but infectious diseases can have dire consequences if not stopped early on. We’ve all seen the signs saying that we should get a flu shot every time the season comes around. Maybe you get the shot, or maybe you don’t, but none of us want to get sick. Workplace cleanliness is one of the ways to get out in front of threats like influenza pandemics and service providers like Metro Building Services can help your business protect itself with the right preparedness plans.

What Is Pandemic Preparedness?

Pandemic preparedness and response plans are a set of steps and precautions that you can take to prevent a pandemic from starting or spreading. These processes are developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC. Pandemic plans like these are living documents that are reviewed and revised according to new evidence or information. You might think that a nationwide pandemic might never happen in the United States, and you might be right. But, there are still many lessons that we can learn from pandemic preparedness planning.

Why Does This Matter For My Business?

There are several ways that any illness, let alone a pandemic, can negatively a business. Any disease that affects a large number of people can pose a threat to the daily operations of your business. Public health might seem like an issue for hospitals and doctors, but sick days will hit your business hard when they start to stack up after an illness spreads. Sick employees can lead directly to decreased productivity and overall company morale.

What Can I Do To Prevent An Illness From Spreading?

There are some standard precautions that you can take. You can make hand soap and hand washing easily available to all employees. You can encourage an attitude of taking sick days rather than coming to work sick.

Often, an employee will get sick from a family member and then bring the illness to work because they fear being penalized for missing a workday. It has been proven time and time again, that a business is better off supplying sick days than letting an entire workforce become infected.

How Metro Building Services Can Help

The best way to prevent a pandemic or any illness from spreading is with professional cleaning methods and practices. Our commercial janitorial services will ensure that your office or facility is a clean workplace for all of your employees. We provide superior cleaning for surfaces, floors, and overall environment. We offer customized cleaning services to every client and a professional level of cleanliness.

Many cleaning services will use sub-contractors that cannot always deliver the promised level of cleanliness. As part of our clean commitment, Metro Building Services only sends out our personally trained staff members to clean your building. All of our people are trained in OSHA-certified practices and go through our own rigorous training process.     

Our office cleaning services are here to make your job easier by adapting to your needs. That includes protecting you and your workforce from illnesses. Our cleanings will get rid of germs and bacteria before they have the chance to get your people sick. This is how our superior service protects the functions of your business and helps you succeed.