This coming winter is predicted to be one of the toughest we’ve had in a long time. The Denver Front Range Area is especially likely to get hit with hard winters anyway, so it is always vital to be prepared and take precautions against the hazards of the season. We typically use products like salt and other treatments to keep our sidewalks and roads safe from ice and snow, but they have their drawbacks.They often create stains and can easily damage your floors or surfaces.

Floor Health Is Part Of Building Maintenance

We have talked in the past about the safety hazards the winter brings into your building, but there is another, more subtle danger that people might not realize. All of the moisture, salt, and other treatments that people will track into your building can have a devastating effect on your wood floors, carpets, and other types of floor surfaces. If not taken care of and professionally cleaned, your floors and surface will show signs of wear and tear.

A poorly-cared for floor can be just as dangerous down the road as the slip and fall risks in the winter months. It will also damage the overall appearance of your building or facility. You often only get one chance to make an impression on prospective clients and employees. A mediocre floor will make not present the best first impression of your business. There are precautions that you and your employees can take to reduce damage like this, but a commercial floor cleaning and restoration service is often the best way to ensure the prime condition of your surfaces.

Tips For Maintaining Your Floor Health

  • Wipe Off Shoes
    This might sound like common sense, but many people will forget the importance of simply wiping their shoes on a floor mat when they enter a building. This basic task will reduce the amount of debris, moisture, and salt that is tracked into your building. Make sure there are rugs and mats available at your entrances to accommodate this practice and inform your employees of the ways they can help maintain the health of the building.
  • Improve Your Building Entrances
    Depending on your situation, you could look into improving the entrances of your building to including covering outside of doorways and other entryways. Improving the functionality will help you in more ways than one. Having a professional doorway covering will make your building more inviting to new clients or prospective employees. It will create less chance of snow, salt, and water being tracked into your building as well.

  • Maintain A Healthy Temperature And Humidity
    Part of the longtime health of your building and floor care is maintaining the right temperature and humidity throughout the facility. When the winter season rolls in, the air in your building will become drier. This can cause gaps in laminate and wood flooring from contraction. Your relative humidity should be somewhere in the 50-60% range most of the time, and you can purchase a humidifier to make sure it stays around there. If temperatures fluctuate, you can expect more expansion and contraction as well.

  • Hire Professional Floor Cleaning Services
    There is a lot you and your employees can do to protect the health of your surfaces and building, but commercial floor cleaning services can do even more. Metro Building Services is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques to not only provide a deep cleaning, but also offer floor restoration for damaged surfaces. Our experts can handle carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and many other floor cleaning methods as well. We will remove dirt and debris from your floors, and we can restore the damage done to your high traffic areas.

Metro Building Services is more than your typical cleaning company. We provide professional janitorial services including carpet cleaning, office cleaning, floor restoration and maintenance. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in floor cleaner products and a wide range of other cleaning products. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help restore and maintain the health of your building.