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Manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities are the lifeblood of the United States. When these industrial services are running smoothly, everything else runs better. Metro Building Services provides commercial cleaning care to the Front Range Denver area of Colorado. We understand the importance of the work that industrial agencies do. We also know how much work goes into a well managed facility.

All of our personnel are HIPAA compliant and have received OSHA certified training. Metro Building Services provides a variety of premium industrial cleaning services. Our services include practices that will make your facility safer and more efficient. The first step is getting to know you and your personal needs. Usually our owner is the first person you will meet. Then we design a custom method to best fit your facility.


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We know that there is a lot of competition in the industrial market. Metro Building Services will be there to make your job easier and increase your production. Many industrial cleaning companies do not offer the same variety of practices that we do. Most of our work can happen when your own staff is gone for the day. Our Day Porters can also be there full time to maintain your business.

If you have concrete surfaces or need an exterior cleaning, our high pressure washing and window cleaning methods will be perfect to address your needs. For the buildings that have them, we also provide a trash chute cleaning practice that we developed in-house. Few cleaning services even know how to do this.

Manufacturing and warehouse services always place a focus on safety and competence. There are a laundry list of regulations that industrial agencies have to meet on a daily basis. The green services we offer and certifications we have will make these regulations attainable. A clean workplace is a safer one. We can perform maintenance on your floors or restore them.


Industrial Markets Are All About Production Speed

The services that we provide can increase your efficiency. Metro Building Services offers supply management. This means that we will manage the cleaning products and janitorial supplies your facility needs. As an industrial company, you have enough to worry about. This would let us help you. A distribution center is all about deadlines. Our CRM Database management keeps us up to date on your services so that you never have to worry.

It makes sure nothing will be missed. We rolled out our new Cleantelligent system to many of our clients. It enables a higher level of interaction between us and our clients. You are able to create a work order in moments on your mobile device and send it directly to us. Most issues can be resolved within 24 hours of notice.

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