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Healthcare facilities require a higher level of cleanliness than most other buildings. It takes a cleaning service with top notch level of care. Metro Building Services has the ability to meet those high standards.

Healthcare Cleaning Is A Part of Patient Care

Providing cleaning services for healthcare buildings is a particular challenge. In a normal office building, there is foot traffic to clean up after and some crumbs in the break room. To serve a healthcare facility, a cleaning service has to consider things like infection control and preventing cross contamination of work spaces. Many medical areas must remain in operation 24 hours a day. To ensure continuity of care, we can build our care around your time table.

Metro Building Services will take care of your building so that you can take care of your patients. The services we offer will make your job easier. Medical sites have the responsibility of caring for the well-being of others. That is something we take seriously. We can care for everything from your patient waiting room to the most sensitive medical spaces.


Medical facilities have many different needs.

We customize our service to meet them.

Healthcare Cleaning Services Require A Clean Commitment

A healthcare provider is responsible for the well-being of their patients and that weight extends to the people cleaning the building. When you hire us, Metro Building Services makes the promise of a clean environment to work in. That means using hospital grade disinfectants and state of the art floor care across the board. A medical facility still needs all of the cleaning services of a normal building.

However, these average cleaning tasks must be done with an extra amount of care. Taking out the trash takes on an entirely different meaning. Medical waste requires a superior standard of disposal. Proper practices will help prevent the spread of disease. Some healthcare cleaning areas demand a high level of security as well. We can work within whatever security standards our clients request.

Cleaning personnel working around medical offices also need to pay careful attention to the sensitive equipment that is all around them. The integrity of this equipment is important for the medical services provided there. Metro Building Services understand this. Our personnel will take all of that into account when planning your cleaning program.


Our Services Meet The Highest Standard Of Clean

A clean work space is integral to a healthcare provider. It is how they ensure that illnesses do not spread or become worse. When care slips, that means that patients and employees alike may become exposed. This can lead to healthcare providers working less hours due to illness spreading.

The United States has some of the highest standards to follow when cleaning medical facilities. HIPAA compliance programs protect your patients confidentiality. OSHA training ensures the safety and health of work spaces. Metro Building Services is HIPAA compliant and have received OSHA certified training across all of our personnel.

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