We can operate at the federal level.


Our personnel has the needed training and certification.

Trustworthy Government Cleaning Services in the Denver, Colorado Area

Several commercial janitorial and cleaning service companies pursue government contracts. They are some of the most steady businesses in the cleaning industry. Many federal buildings have been around for decades and their services won’t be ending anytime soon. All companies are likely to collect various cleaning bids before selecting a service. Government building cleaning bids are particularly aggressive because of the dependability of the contract.

In order to win government contracts like these, you have to be a cut above the rest. Metro Building Services staff has over 35 years of combined experience in the cleaning business. We know what goes into a top notch government cleaning bid. Our staff combines our experience and expertise with our clean commitment to always growing.

There are always new methods to learn. We are devoted to being the premier cleaning company in the Denver Front Range Area. That is why we invest in our people with proper training. As a business, we are HIPAA compliant and all of our staff is trained within OSHA standards.


Federal buildings are under scrutiny.

Our tax dollars are used to maintain them.

Federal Government Cleaning Services

Government agencies are under a certain amount of weight because they are funded by the public. Everyone wants to know where that money is going. They want to trust that it is being well managed. With Metro Building Services, you will receive fair and competitive pricing plans. We have a doctrine of catering our services to whatever business we are working with.

We will custom fit our plans to your square footage and the type of industry that you are in. This enables us to provide a first rate level of customer service. It also allows you to save money while getting the best care possible. Our routine inspections will save you money in the long run. The long term process of maintaining a building needs regular attention and planning ahead. Our CRM Database management tool helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Metro Building Services can work with you to care for your entire government facility. We offer floor maintenance and restoration along with office cleaning. The exterior of your building also needs care. Our window cleaning service and pressure washing methods can help maintain your exterior.

Federal Buildings Have Security Needs

Metro Building Services knows that government buildings will sometimes require a certain level of security to work within them. Our staff can adapt to whatever precautions you need. We often work at night to not interrupt daily services. Our Day Porters will wear dress clothes or our normal work uniform and maintain your facilities throughout the day. We also have a professional privacy policy. It covers the collection, disclosure, and use of your information. We operate with prudence and are responsible with your information. Please send a request for a proposal of our services today.

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