Entertainment & Events

Metro Building Services provides proper event cleaning requires attention to the location before, during, and after your event.

Entertainment / Events

Entertainment venues are all about enjoying the experience. Metro Building Services provides proper event cleaning requires attention to the location before, during, and after the event.

Event Cleaning Can Be Stressful

Event cleaning includes things like sporting events and corporate celebratory or training events. Entertainment events would also fall into this category. Entertainment venues and event spaces present many challenges as far as clean-up goes. There is often massive foot traffic. High volume crowds can create a ton of waste. Sometimes a venue will have multiple events in one week. If not properly maintained, these spaces can become breeding grounds for pests and bacteria.

Special events require a ton of planning and work during the event. Crossing one more thing off of your list can relieve a lot of stress. Metro Building Services can take some of that weight off of your shoulders. Once we take over the contract, we will manage the full clean up of your event. We are located in the Denver Front Range Area of Colorado. Services like this are only available for businesses and not residences.


Who wants to stay after a party and clean up a mess?

Let Metro Building Services do it for you!

After Event Cleaning Services

You won’t be digging for recruits once you hire Metro Building Services. We can come in after your event and restore it to what it once was. We are a commercial cleaning company that offers a wide variety of services for our clients. You could also take advantage of our porter service. This person would be onsite for the event to make sure that certain standards are maintained throughout the duration of your event. They would also be there to resolve any surprise issues.

It doesn’t matter if your location is a regular special entertainment venue or an office space that was used for only one event. Our personnel will ensure that it is good as new. We are also available to come in before your next big event. Our people will provide a deep clean to prepare the venue for your upcoming celebration.

Cleaning Company Services

The public perception of an entertainment location plays a big part in how many people show up. Metro Building Services can make sure that the outside of your venue is approachable. We offer window cleaning services and pressure washing. Our staff will provide a work space for you that is inviting and free of bad odors or refuse. You do not have to be a regular member of our services to work with us for an event. We can be hired for a one-time event.

When you are planning for an event, you might realize that you need things like floor maintenance or restoration. Luckily, we offer those services too. If you operate a permanent entertainment venue, you will want to look into our supply management services. We can take over and supply your facility with all of the needed cleaning supplies and products.

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