The best learning environment is a clean one.


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Educational Cleaning Services

An education is a powerful thing. We understand the value of continuing to learn throughout life. Metro Building Services is a commercial cleaning service offering the highest quality cleaning services to educational facilities in the Denver area. We achieve this by being a business that is always growing and improving. School cleaning is a unique challenge on its own because of the heavy foot traffic.

These facilities are often full of people of all ages all day long. This creates a need for constant attention to the cleanliness of your structures and environment. Metro Building Services is more than just a normal custodial service. We are a commercial cleaning service and that means we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our personnel will come to your facility and discuss the specific challenges you face in providing a clean environment for students. Normally, our owner is the first person to meet a new client.

Every client of Metro Building Services has access to our superior list of services. We can clean your buildings nightly or daily. Our Day Porters can be there full time to manage your buildings needs as they arise. Your campus and exteriors can be managed by our pressure washing or window cleaning services. We’ve got you covered from the ground up with our floor maintenance and restoration methods.


A clean classroom is important,

For learning and the health of your students.

A Clean School Is A Healthy School

As educators, your first priority is your students. To maintain a healthy learning space, you will need a cleaning company that understands this need. Students and staff alike are at risk when you have a campus that is not well maintained. This could lead to students with illnesses missing classes and falling behind. It could even affect your staff with sick days forcing you to operate short handed.

Their well-being matters to you and so it matters to us. Metro Building Services can sanitize your classrooms and facilities to limit the spread of illness and bacteria. It makes no difference if your students are young or old. A quality cleaning will protect your students and faculty. Many schools are concerned about their environmental impact. We do offer green cleaning practices and products for clients upon request.


Routine Maintenance Ensures Long-Term Cleanliness

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of illness and bacteria is to schedule regular cleanings. Regularly scheduled services are part of our fundamentals. We create an agenda for our clients with our CRM Database management tool. This system makes sure that no appointment is missed and that the personnel showing up knows what is required. Our staff is always empowered with your detailed list of needs.

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