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All commercial properties come with their own needs and challenges.


We will build our services around your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services And A High Standard Of Commitment To Service

As a far-reaching janitorial service company, Metro Building Services has to be prepared for anything. There is no side of the industry more diverse than commercial work spaces. It is one of our basic beliefs that no client is the same, they all have different needs and should be treated with care and attention.To be a commercial business cleaning service, we have to approach each commercial customer with a fresh set of eyes.

This is why we construct our services specifically to cater to your needs. Our owner is usually the first one to visit a new client and begin building your personal janitorial plan. This is the first way we start to relieve the workload on property management. We adopt the management of your janitorial services so that you no longer have to.

Metro Building Services itself is a commercial cleaning service, the clean commitment that we make to all our clients means that we treat each one in a unique way. Our cleaning means a personal touch and superb attention to detail. This is never more important than in commercial work spaces. Our prices and services vary based on the different requirements of each space to provide competitive pricing. Our clients won’t be charged the same as everyone else, because each customer receives different care based on their needs.


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Commercial Cleaning Can Mean So Many Things

Commercial real estate can extend from a local gym to a huge fortune 500 company. Some clients will even require care taken with the confidentiality of their waste. We understand the needs of commercial spaces like law offices or retail shops. Metro Building Services will protect your clients by protecting you.

Cleaning company clients like gym facilities and dental offices will require a certain level of sanitation that goes above and beyond the average space. Our professional practices will prevent contamination and ensure clean spaces for your clients and customers. We can take care of locker rooms, work out equipment, or medical treatment spaces. Our commitment to do an excellent cleaning means our services vary by location.


An Advanced Level Of Cleaning Care

Commercial cleaning is one of the reasons we adopted the new Cleantelligent software. Any commercial business that receives this service is able to send us work orders from a mobile phone. Then we cater to your needs in real time.

We can care for the office cleaning of a large company or a local business. Metro Building Services is also fully able to operate within whatever security measures that our clients have. Much of our staff is bilingual and able to communicate effectively. Our services primarily take place at night, as well, in case you cannot have staff working around sensitive material.

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