We will ensure your space is inviting to customers.


Our variety of resources can meet all your cleaning needs.

Banks Are Confident With Our Janitorial Services

As a commercial cleaning service, we know how much a professional approach matters. This is one of the reasons we cater our services to each client. We are not just an average cleaning company. We will get to know you and your business. This is how we learn how best to serve your needs. Our customized service plans will address the specific demands of your business. A bank’s janitorial service will face issues that some other offices do not.

Banks and other financial institutions are sites that put an emphasis on customer service and security. Your clients want to feel confident in the protection of their economic services. We will not disrupt this practice. The majority of our janitorial services can be done at night when customers have left. We will comply with your security measures. It is understandable that banking institutions might require precautions like background checks or restricted access.


Banking is about more than security,

It is also about the client.

Our Bank Cleaning Services Will Wow Your Customers

A big part of banking is about whether or not a customer feels comfortable having a bank account there. You want them to trust you with their hard earned funds and property. Metro Building Services will maintain your work space so that customers feel this way. We will keep it looking professional and inviting. Our Day Porter personnel can also dress in the way that fits your business standards, making it seem as if they are just an addition to your team. Many of your employees will come to know and respect our Day Porters very well.

Banks know the value of a good deal. Our competitive pricing is shaped by the square footage of your building and the specific needs of your industry. We implemented our Cleantelligent software for all of our clients recently. This software allows clients to send digital work orders at any time. This can alert us to sudden needs or surprise issues. Metro Building Services is able to resolve those issues in a timely fashion.

Our already in place CRM Database management means routine cleanings and inspections won’t be missed. It is more than just a spreadsheet. We have your details and personalized needs right along side your scheduled appointments. Our organization, friendliness, and extensive training all contribute to our ability to deliver superior customer service.


Making A Clean First Impression

Bank cleaning is as much about customer service as it is about cleanliness. Bank cleaning services might not need the same level of sanitation as a medical facility, but it is still the first thing a future client of yours will notice. Metro Building Services will ensure that you facility looks professional so that you leave a great first impression on customers. We can even maintain the exterior of your building with services like pressure washing and window cleaning. This kind of practice can help maintain the outward appearance and the integrity of your property for years to come.

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