Trash Chute Cleaning

Trash chutes are an interesting challenge that we take on daily.

Trash Chute Cleaning

They can become a hazard if not properly maintained.

Chute Cleanings Are An Exclusive Service We Provide

Buildings with trash chutes often find them to be a problem area. The chutes are in your walls and usually stretch the full length of your building. They can very easily collect waste and bacteria from food remains. Chutes like these can regularly become home to infestations and vermin. They also present a safety hazard. Everyone who uses them doesn’t always take the necessary precautions.

If they become blocked or certain chemical are dumped down them, you then have a potential for fire in a difficult place to reach. The trash that doesn’t slide down and gets stuck on the sides can encourage disease or a bad odor. This can become an issue for an entire building if not resolved properly.

A clean trash chute will keep your building safe and more appealing to anyone who enters it. There are few commercial janitorial companies that can even offer a chute cleaning service. There are specific trash chute cleaning companies out there, but they are few and far between. They also don’t offer all of the extra services that we do. At Metro Building Services, our expertise and ability to offer a wide range of services makes us a trusted partner to hundreds of companies in several industries.


Trash chute service can be a tricky business.

You need a professional.

Our Chute Cleaning Process Is Thorough

Our trash chute cleaning services are a practice that we have had to teach ourselves how to do. We start at the top and work our way down. It is a process of pressure washing the chute combined with a soap scrubbing of the chute section by section. Properly cleaning your chute does take time and is not the easiest process. This is one of the reasons we recommend you hire a professional like Metro Building Services.

Normally trash chutes are in big apartment buildings or other residential spaces. If your building is 10 stories tall or lower, the process can be done in one day. If you have a building taller than that, the service will most likely require a second day. We have learned that this specific practice falls into the area of regular structure maintenance. We recommend that you have this done routinely as part of maintaining the integrity of your entire building.


Another Example Of Our Premium Customer Service

Metro Building Services saw a need in the cleaning industry and rose to the challenge by developing our own practice. This is a prime example of why our clients praise our customer service. We do not settle for the normal services that everyone else offers. If we see a need for something, we will teach ourselves, train our employees, and begin offering that service.

You do not have to be one of our regular service clients to take advantage of this practice. Clients can hire us for a one time cleaning or on a routine basis for this singular service.

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