Supply Management & Services

One less thing to worry about.

Supply Management & Services

We can take over supplying your needs.

Supply Management Services―Commercial Cleaning Supplies Always Stocked

In addition to all of our top notch cleaning services, Metro Building Services can also take over the supply chain of our clients. We can manage your commercial cleaning supplies for you. We recommend this service because it makes things easier and simpler for you. Once you are our client, we will learn all of your needs; so it makes sense that we would be the ones building your supply chain and keeping your janitorial supply stocked.

When you are one of our regular service members, you can take advantage of all the specialized services we provide. Metro Building Services will put together our list of supplies and equipment. Then we bill you separately for the supplies, so you can track your expenses accurately. We want to be transparent with our billing practices. We feel this builds trust between client and provider.

Often times, when a business tries to handle ordering their own cleaning supplies they will only order things as they see a need. Instead of an as needed basis, we order your supplies monthly. This helps prevent any disruption in service and ensures we are ready to resolve your issues. This premium level of care goes for simple things like paper towels and toilet paper to janitorial equipment like vacuum cleaners.


Don’t give your employees an extra job

Let us manage your supply chain.

Why Stress? We Understand Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Some businesses will put their supply management on the shoulders of one of their own employees. Metro Building Services knows that there is no reason to distract our clients that way. This is one more step in our ladder of customer service. We save you time and headaches, by maintaining your inventory for you. Your cleaning products and service won’t fall through the cracks with us.

When you are using our [Cleantelligent system], then you’ll be able to send us a work order from your mobile phone. We can respond in real time by sending out our personnel and contacting our supplier for whatever we might need. We have these contacts with professional suppliers to purchase and ship the products you’ll need. Securing a supply chain this way also allows us to offer our competitive prices and service plans.


Some Jobs Require An Expert

Not everyone understands the complexity of cleaning chemicals and their application. Don’t risk any accidents by leaving this in the hands of someone else. When you hire us, you are getting experts who understand the commercial cleaning industry.

Metro Building Services is always here to address issues 24 hours a day, but things like this can be resolved in advance. Placing your trust in us means that we remove this work from your day and seamlessly integrate it among our other cleaning services.

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