Office Cleaning

We are here to support, not interrupt your business.

Office Cleaning

We are a cleaning services company that puts the customer first.

We Are An Office Cleaning Company With A Dedication To Customer Service

We bring the same level of hard work and expertise to all of our commercial cleaning sites. Your office space is important to you and so it is important to us. We have competitive pricing and a dedication to customer service, making us a trusted partner for many companies. We are more than just a cleaning and janitorial service, we are a family of experts that wants to help you succeed. A clean office space is one of the first steps in a fruitful business. This makes your work space easier to use and more pleasing to the eye of future clients. With Metro Building Services, our clients can focus on their business and leave the other work to us.

Quality assurance and regular routine inspections ensure that we are uphold our high standards. Our Cleantelligent services are the latest way that Metro Building Services takes your office care to another level. It holds our employees accountable for their tasks. It also makes it easier to track our improvement and receive new work orders. Cleantelligent puts Metro Building Services in the palm of your hand.


Our office cleaning services are here to make your job easier.

We do that by adapting to your needs.

We Understand Your Needs

Metro Building Services is an independently owned and operated business. We understand what it is like to run your own business. We recognize the daily and weekly maintenance an office requires. Metro Building Services wants to make your day-to-day operations easier. We can maintain your work space without getting in your way. Our staff works at night when your employees aren’t there.

We have a commitment to quality personnel. Our staff is dedicated because we invest responsibility in them. Metro Building Services creates an atmosphere of trust that extends from our owner all the way to our staff. Every issue we resolve is an opportunity for growth. We give them the best tools available. All of this investment in our labor force provides a higher level of service for our clients.

Some commercial cleaning companies approach their work with wide sweeping methods. They see every office they clean as the same. Every commercial office cleaning service we do is custom fitted to the needs of your business. We personally visit your work space and inspect what your office requires. Then we build a plan that is specific to you. Our prices will be adjusted to fit your square footage and type of industry.

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