Green Cleaning Services

We care about your environment as much as ours.

Green Cleaning Services

We provide green services at no extra charge.

Green Cleaning Services Supplies

Metro Building Services has an entire line of green cleaning and LEED certified products available upon request. Our commercial cleaning services are highly adaptable. Our staff and personnel have also been equipped with all of the training needed to use these products correctly.

We empower all of our employees with proper training and proper work ethic. They will be able to provide a high grade commercial green cleaning. These products and methods will maximize the earth friendly impact. All of this comes at no extra cost to our clients. It is simply our dedication to premium customer service. We know that satisfying our clients equals retaining clients. Contact Metro Building Services today for your green cleaning service needs.


Are you dedicated to green cleaning?

We can meet that green seal of approval.

Green Office Cleaning Services

As a commercial cleaning company in the Denver area, our client’s satisfaction is our primary concern. We are not a wholly green cleaning company. However, if sustainable resources are a priority for you then they are a priority for us. We adjust our methods to your needs on a daily basis. Green practices are just one more way we can customize our services to cater to your needs.

Our management understands the belief in environmental friendly cleaning. They have over 35 years of experience in the cleaning service industry. That means that we’ve seen it all and know the right way to resolve your janitorial issues.

Since we already customize our services for each client, we can build a sustainable strategy specifically for your needs. If you are already well skilled in eco-friendly practice, then Metro Building Services might be the last piece of the puzzle for you. Not every commercial cleaning company offers a green option.


LEED Certified Cleaning Services

LEED certification is one way that buildings are judged in energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. It is a point system that judges the eco-friendly services of mainly professional spaces. The LEED certificate is one of the best paths for sustainable reporting on professional buildings. Seeking a LEED certificate and practicing eco-friendly methods is a nice way to save money in the long run. It means that your utility bills will shrink in both water and energy usage.

The LEED system goes above just “natural” products. It judges synthetic and natural products alike and decides which is best for the earth. We currently work with many LEED certified clients and maintain their buildings for them, so we are very experienced in adjusting our janitorial services to those needs.

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