Floor Restoration & Maintenance

Maintaining your floors saves you money.

Floor Restoration & Maintenance

When you hire us, we make a commitment.

Floor Maintenance Services For Your Workplace

Our clean commitment goes much further than just the daily maintenance of our client’s work space. When you hire Metro Building Services, you are making an investment in us. One of the ways you get a return on your investment is through expert maintenance. We maintain the overall quality of your building. Cleanliness isn’t just for looking good, clean surfaces last longer and don’t require replacement. Our floor maintenance services save you time and money.

One of our missions is to demonstrate the clean difference our methods and dedication make for our clients. Metro Building Services is among the few commercial cleaning companies that offer floor restoration and maintenance for the Front Range Area of Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs.

Plenty of places offer carpet cleaning, but they don’t all provide the level of floor care that we can. Other floor restoration companies in the Denver area might specialize in flooring, but they don’t have our other services. In short, we are your one-stop-shop for your floor and building’s cleaning job needs.


We provide a full range of floor services.

Whatever type of floor you have, we have you covered.

Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Metro Building Services has the ability to care for any type of floor. We can treat wood floors, vinyl, tile and grout, or even just carpet. We bring all our own machinery and tend to your floors after hours. We can buff, shine, strip, or wax your flooring depending on your issues. Hardwood floor restoration can be one of best services we provide because it has the potential to save our clients so much. Brand new hardwood floor installation can become expensive.

Restoration and maintenance is almost always going to be less expensive than fully replacing damaged floors. It is the same reason we take so much care in our clients with carpeting, as well. Hard surface floors can last a long time when properly maintained and our restore services can ensure that.


Floor maintenance needs can sometimes be a surprise.

Maybe a pipe breaks in your work space or a weather event causes damage to your floor. You’ve had some emergency water damage or another surprise issue and you don’t know what to do. You do not have to be one of our regular high standard cleaning service clients to receive our floor maintenance and restoration. You can hire Metro Building Services for a singular service or one-time restoration.

As we always do for any customer, we will customize our methods and pricing to your situation. However, once you see the quality of our work, we hope that you will consider us for full-time cleaning services.

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