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Make us part of your day-to-day operations.

Day Porter

Have someone there to take care of your needs.

Our Day Porter Can Become A Member Of Your Team

Metro Building Services invests in the people we hire. We trust our employees, and you can trust them too. Our Day Porter cleaning services will adapt their attire and manner to your work space. They can work in dress attire or in uniform and still fulfil facility services no matter what. Our personnel are able to interact with company employees while performing a variety of tasks. Many of our clients love having our Day Porters there and know them by name. Depending upon the job description, a Day Porter can also maintain a low profile.

As always, our primary focus is the needs of our clients. The Day Porter service might not be able to achieve the same deep clean that our night team is able to, but they will ensure your work space remains clean and in a good condition. We are selective with who we hire and how we train them. As a top notch commercial cleaning service, we know empowering our staff makes them more responsible. The Day Porters we place in our client’s work areas are only the best. They have experience in a professional space and are usually bilingual.


We have a superior labor force.

Welcome one of our team members onto your own team.

Our People Make A Clean Difference

Metro Building Services doesn’t just offer regular and nightly janitorial services. We also provide Day Porters for our clients who wish for a higher level of professional cleaning. A Day Porter is one of the best ways for us to provide the best commercial cleaning possible. Our employee will be there as part of your day-to-day operations.

They will be able to focus on issues as they come up in a client’s work space. Business owners know that kind of response time is an invaluable service. A well functioning work space is clean and well maintained. If you have future or current clients visiting your work space, you will want the space looking its best at all times. For the best customer service and cleanliness, our clients can hire Day Porters and utilize our nightly services.


Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Our Day Porters will manage upkeep in high traffic areas like lobby entrances or common areas. They can also regularly clean spaces such as kitchens and cafeterias to maintain a tidy work space. A Day Porter can perform daily restroom cleaning services and restockings. Of course, they will also attend to any surprise issues or messes. We strive to keep our response time as short as possible. Rather than waiting for one of our expert staff members to arrive, why not have them already there?

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