Carpet Cleaning

Our excellence in execution makes the difference for your business.

Carpet Cleaning

Metro Building Services offers a variety of ways of cleaning your carpet.

Personalized Office Carpet Cleaning

We are always adapting and changing our services to fit the needs of our clients. Metro Building Services can adjust our services to almost any office environment. We give personal time and attention to each client for our employees to learn your specific needs. This allows us to target your high traffic areas. Whether your office space needs steam cleaned or just a basic carpet cleaning, Metro Building Services has the tools needed to get the job done.

For those challenges beyond regular steam cleaning, we also have the capability to do a hot water extraction carpet scrubbing. This is a more thorough cleaning process than steaming. The heated water and cleaning solution will actively wash away the stains while the water flushes the carpet fibers. There’s no chance of water damage, as our carpet cleaner machinery then sucks the water away and dries your surfaces. The carpet might remain damp for a short time. However, our professional equipment will help prevent things like mold, stains, or damage.

Our dedication to the most effective methods is what makes MBS one of the best carpet cleaning companies in the Denver Front Range Area.


Our 35 years of experience will make your job easier.

Our focused approach will serve your needs.

There Is No Need For Your Own Cleaning Services

The Metro Building Services team will bring its 35 years of combined experience in the commercial cleaning industry to your business in the Denver, Colorado area. There is no need to staff your own interior cleaning services when you can hire our experts for a reasonable rate. We specialize in janitorial services. Let us bring our expertise to bear on your business’ needs.

When you select Metro Building Services for your commercial carpet cleaning, you are in good hands. Beyond our specialized techniques, we also provide a premium professional carpet cleaning with our day-to-day services. Our experts can skillfully shampoo your carpets or area rugs. A basic dry carpet cleaning might pick up debris and make a huge difference in the look of your carpet. MBS does not settle for a basic cleaning, and neither should you.


We Do More So You Don’t Have To

Metro Building Services has built itself from the ground up by carefully building our staff with dedicated employees that will do more than just clean your offices. They will provide a positive customer experience. We can tailor our services to whatever suits your business because our staff is loyal and devoted. Our family will put real care into your office spaces, even with something as basic as your carpets. Even if you aren’t one of our services customers, we will still clean your carpets on an as needed basis

We start by hiring the best staff and providing them with the best tools in the trade. The foundation of a fruitful company is a clean workspace that functions well. Metro Building Services wants to make sure that your business can stay focused on your own individual efforts. Let us worry about your carpets while you carry on with your day-to-day operations.

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