A commercial cleaning company offers more than a tidy workplace. At Metro Building Services, we know all the ways your workplace can benefit from a deep cleaning across the board. Having a team of cleaning professionals has many advantages that some people rarely think about. Our service can actually improve your overall performance and promote the longevity of your business.

The Advantages of Commercial Cleaning.

The deep cleaning that you get from a professional service partner like Metro Building Services is much more than a little vacuuming and getting rid of trash. Our methods and equipment allow us to get rid of dirt, allergens, and illness-carrying pathogens that other surface cleanings leave behind. When you hire a cleaning support partner like us, you will see the various ways we aid your operations.

  1. Lower the Number of Sick Days: We might all tell our employees to avoid coming to work when they are sick, but workers will often ignore this warning. Sometimes an employee can bring a contagious illness into the work environment without even knowing it.Even a smaller illness spreading through your office will result in a drop-in performance. A commercial level of professional cleaning disinfects shared areas and reduces the risk of an illness spreading. With our Day Porter and overnight cleaning services, we can guarantee a powerful cleaning that will protect your workforce from illness.
  2. Boosting Employee Productivity: Beyond just defending your workplace from pathogens and viruses, commercial janitorial services can also increase your overall productivity. Across any industry, employees are happier and perform better in a clean environment.Just getting rid of dust and dirt from the surfaces and air will create a happier workplace. Air with an unpleasant odor or dust actually leads to a drop-in performance for the human brain. An intensive office cleaning will get rid of odors and particulate in the air.
  3. A Safer Workplace: Another facet of employee health is the use of environmentally friendly or green cleaning products. Green products have fewer toxic ingredients and fewer scents that some people have negative reactions to. The indoor air quality of a closed off building is critical to consider because your air is moved around by an HVAC system and not the natural dispersion of air that happens in nature. Over a long period of time, poor air quality is a significant health risk.
  4. Making A Good Impression: A commercial cleaning service will help your business project a professional appearance. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. The minute a potential client walks into your office you want them to see a clean and sanitary environment. This immediately presents you as a professional and well-managed company. Metro Building Services delivers a customer service friendly cleaning.
  5. Cost-Effective Strategies: Methods like flooring care and carpet cleaning are about more than an excellent appearance. Your surfaces and equipment are investments that you made and cleaning them is part of keeping up with their maintenance.A professional partner in the cleaning industry will provide floor restoration and maintenance for various types of flooring. We can also deliver multiple types of carpet cleaning that will keep your carpets in good condition for years to come. Commercial cleaning protects your investments.
  6. A Higher Quality of Care: Some people think that you can hire anyone for a cleaning job. To the untrained eye, it might look like a simple process that doesn’t take much expertise. The truth is that when you hire a professional commercial cleaning service, you are getting a higher quality cleaning.

We’ve already talked about all the benefits that come with commercial cleaning, but a service provider like Metro Building Services will also provide methods you won’t get elsewhere. We can deliver a deep cleaning to the exterior of your building, all your interior surfaces, and even your trash chutes.

On top of everything else, we can even cut your expenses with our supply management services. We’ll take over all the contracts for your cleaning supplies and make maintaining your inventory easier. Ultimately, a commercial janitorial service is more than just a cleaning company, we are a partner in the success of your business.