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Take advantage of our 35 years of experience.

Our Managers Know Their Industry

Metro Building Services has management staff available to be on-site for every workplace that we provide services for. Our management personnel have over 35 years combined experience in the commercial cleaning industry. All of our managers strive to be attentive and thoughtful communicators, making Metro Building Services a trusted cleaning company by all customers and an excellent workplace for all employees.

Our mission is to be great at delivering high-quality janitorial services to our clients. That starts from the top down with our managers. The focus of our business is always in three primary areas. We want to hire the best people, give them the tools and training they need to be effective, and then customize our services to best fit the needs of our clients.


Leading the industry requires a clean commitment,

From our managers and our employees.

We Trust and Rely on Our Employees

We empower our employees by placing our trust in them. Metro Building Services believes that empowered employees are more effective workers. Personnel that are knowledgeable and well-managed perform more efficiently because they can take an active problem-solving mindset into your workplace.

Long-term employees will always be more effective than new hires. We are proud of our high retention rates, and we know that it comes from our strong leadership. Many people will leave a job simply because of the boss, despite liking their work. That is not the case for Metro Building Services. Our employees are part of our extended family and we all work together to provide the best services possible to our clients.


We Manage Our Business with a Proven Process

The way we manage our business and employees stems from the same, exact philosophy. It is a five-step process that we have honed to always deliver top-notch results. First, we select the right people and find those that we can trust to share our clean commitment. After that, we manage them from with high expectations and respect from the top to the bottom. Then, we work to adapt our care to the specific preferences of our clients and the workspace that we are caring for.

The fourth step in the process is resolving issues with a method geared towards open communication and learning from our past challenges. Finally, we continue to educate and re-educate our management staff and personnel from the top down. This ensures that we are current in the latest techniques and janitorial service technologies.


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