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We Take Pride in Our Personal Care

Metro Building Services has always prided itself on delivering care that is tailor-made to the clients we serve. If you or your business is located in the Denver Front Range Area, you can take advantage of our superior customer service. Once you hire our services, we will personally visit your workplace to assess the needs of your business. Then, we build a plan of care that is based on your requirements, down to the square footage.

We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to commercial cleaning. Metro Building Services will get to know you and your business. Our personnel will become part of your operations and enhance your work space by making it cleaner so it functions more adequately. Metro Building Services employees are empowered to operate on their own and solve problems as they arise. That shrinks the response time to resolving your issues.


When you combine our employees with our services,

you get a premium level of care that cannot be beaten.

Our Services Can Enhance Your Business

Businesses located in the Denver Front Range Area of Colorado as well as Fort Collins, should know that we are more than your average office cleaning company. Metro Building Services provides a full circle level of care that is broad and adaptable. We do deliver janitorial services, but we also can take over your supply management. This process saves you money and the hassle of handling your janitorial supplies.

We already know what supplies we need to care for your business. It only makes sense that we should control the supply of those goods. Supply management can also make your budgeting more straightforward. We bill you for our services and supplies separately so that there are no misconceptions or hidden fees.


Metro Building Services Will be There for the Long Haul

We are a proud member of the communities that we serve. Metro Building Services knows that our care isn’t just about saving you money and cleaning your workspace. We also maintain the integrity of your structure and ensure they last for years to come. Our floor maintenance and restoration will not only keep your floors clean. It will also keep them in great shape for many years. Once you hire us, you won’t have to worry about spending the money to replace your floors.

Metro Building Services understands that in order to deliver the best service possible, we have to shrink the distance of response time between clients and our expert staff. That is why we rolled out a new Cleantelligent program that will bring us much closer to the businesses we care for. This software allows you to send us work orders and see when they are completed in real-time. We care about the people we work for and this technology makes that job more straightforward.


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